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Division of Campus Safety (DCS) Launches “Internet Sale Safety Zone

As part of the Division of Campus Safety’s (DCS) Community Liaison and Crime Prevention Programs, DCS has designated spots in front of the current SF State University Police station as “Internet purchase exchange locations” that will allow students, staff and faculty to safely conduct and complete internet sale transactions they have made online in familiar surroundings. The spaces provided will be monitored by a video surveillance 24 hours a day and police personnel are nearby to deter crimes that can occur during these types of transactions and ensure everyone’s safety.

In addition, listed below are recommendations to help reduce your risk of being victimized.

  • Always be alert and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep personal property close to you.
  • Report suspicious activity and if you see something say something.

UPD Internet Sale Safety Zone Image


2017 Annual Security and Fire Report

The 2017 Campus Security and Fire Report is available for download. The 2017 Report covers crime statistics and fire statistics for 2014 to 2016. Hard copies are available in the lobby at the University Police Department or by calling us at (415) 338-7200.

Download the reports here:

2017 Annual Security Report

2017 Annual Fire Safety Report


California Annual Safety Plan Report complying with Educational Code 67380(a)(1) & (a)(4)

2018 California Annual Safety Plan Report complying with Educational Code 67380(a)(1) & (a)(4)



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Active Shooter Information

The following PDFs have information that will provide some information in an active shooter scenerio:




For PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above to view it. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader it's available free from Adobe.