Office of Emergency Services

President's Welcome

To the San Francisco State University Community:

Perhaps never in our nation’s history has a threat of disaster been so much on the minds of individual citizens, communities, government agencies and universities across the country. In the years since 9/11, we have seen both natural and man–made major disasters, ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the massacre at Virginia Tech. While events such as these are both alarming and painful, they also serve to affirm the resolve of our nation, our communities and our college campuses to mitigate threats and prepare, not just to survive, but to prevail.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the San Francisco State Community has always been a top concern for me. This has historically been a safe campus and I want you to know that a great many people continue to work together to keep it so. We cannot provide absolute protection against disaster, but we can promise you that your safety will remain our highest priority. This is work in which all of us – not just the University Police Department – have a role.

Within the pages of this revised multi-hazard plan, we have incorporated lessons from Virginia Tech, state-of-the-art information and technology, and earthquake science, to help provide the safest and most secure campus possible.

But however good our planning, our most essential resource is you, the individual members of this community, taking personal responsibility in times of crisis. I urge you to become involved now by getting trained and working with the San Francisco State University Office of Emergency Preparedness, to practice what this plan teaches.

Consider this your personal invitation to get involved. Start by preparing a survival plan for yourself, your family and your workplace. Use the planning guidelines provided in this document. Join emergency response teams in your community. Know that what you plan to do in an emergency is exactly what you will do.

Make a plan – make a difference.


Sincerely yours,

Les Wong, President