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About the SF State Emergency Notification System


Q: What is SF State Alert?

The San Francisco State University Emergency Notification System, also known as SF State Alert, is a communications tool designed to rapidly disseminate emergency information and instructions, in the event of an emergency that threatens the lives and/or property of the campus community.


Q: Why have alert systems when we already have alarms in campus buildings?

While alarms are an effective way to evacuate a building, other types of emergencies, such as an active shooter incident, may require people to shelter-in-place. Currently the best way to notify the campus in this type of situation is through a mass notification system.


Q: How do I sign- up for SF State Alert? How do I opt-out of SF State Alert?

  • Students who wish to add or update their contact information please view the following:

 How To Guide: Student Personal Contact Information

  • Faculty and staff members who wish to add or update their contact information please view the following:

 How To Guide: Faculty/Staff Personal Contact Information


Q: How often are these “tests” going to happen?

Testing of the Emergency Notification System and evacuation will be done at least once annually. The tests may be announced or unannounced, to ensure that new students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to become familiar with the process and fully participate. An e-mail notice will be sent several days in advance of each announced test, to allow people to update their contact information and to avoid any undue alarm.


For further information, please contact the Office of Emergency Services at eprep@sfsu.edu, or (415) 405-0424.

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