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Anonymous Tip Reporting


Anonymous Crime Tip Line:
(415) 338-3030
Fax: (415) 338-1926

This form is a confidential way to provide information to the SF State Police Department if you have witnessed a crime.

This form IS NOT intended for in-progress crimes. If you are currently witnessing a crime call 9-1-1.

If instead you are a victim of a crime, please contact SF State Police Department directly at (415) 338-2222 or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

We will use any information we receive in an appropriate manner, consistent with the U.S. Constitution. By policy and by law, the SF State Police Department must ensure that all rights are afforded to all individuals.

Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous.

If you would like to be contacted for futher follow-up, please fill in your contact information at the bottom of the page so the Police Department may contact you.


Select the type of crime that is being reported
Describe briefly the type of crime being reported
Provide the location(s) of the crime as exact as possible
Enter the date the crime occurred
Enter the approximate time the crime occurred
Describe as much as possible what happened
Describe as much as possible the description of the suspect

Your responses will be kept ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL.
If you would like us to contact you, please complete the following optional information:

Please enter your name.(optional)
Please enter your email address. (optional)
Phone number where you can be reached. (optional)
Contacts will be made in normal course of business.

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