You don’t have to walk alone.

By traveling together, we significantly reduce our chances of being targeted by criminals on campus.

SAFEWALK SERVICE: (415) 338-7200, then press -0-

During a SafeWalk, we ask that you please adhere to the following protocols:

  • Unless mobility is an issue, all SafeWalks will be walking.
  • Please allow for extended wait times so that the safety escorts can ensure that their vehicles are appropriately sanitized when necessary for mobility transports.

The Division of Campus Safety (DCS) SafeWalk and Mobility Transportation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Division of Campus Safety (DCS) provides SafeWalk and, in the absence of services provided by the Disability and Programs Resource Center (DPRC), will provide mobility transports. For more details, please visit DPRC Physical Access page.

A SafeWalk is provided for your safety at your request 24/7. A mobility transport is provided in instances of limited mobility. The mobility transport is available to students, faculty, staff and guest with temporary or permanent disabilities.

DPRC is the primary resource for questions, concerns, or request of approval for scheduled mobility transports. While the campus is mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the population on campus and limiting on-campus operations, the Division of Campus Safety (DCS) is temporarily handling all accessible campus transports. Rides may be requested by contacting UPD Dispatch at 415-338-7200 on a first come, first served basis. If you require a reasonable accommodation to have pre-scheduled rides, please contact DPRC to request a reasonable accommodation.

A SafeWalk can be provided by trained uniformed Student Community Service Partners, Community Service Specialists, or Police Officers. Mobility transports are typically provided by Student Community Service Partners and Community Service Specialists. Police Officers will provide this service in limited situations.

This service is only provided by uniformed staff. You may request to only have a Student Community Service Partner or Community Service Specialist provide the service; however, this is only available when they are on duty. Police Officers work 24/7 and year-round.

SafeWalks are provided to all on-campus buildings, attached residential properties, and parking lots. SafeWalks are also provided to off-campus residential properties. Mobility transports are limited to on-campus properties such as academic buildings, parking lots, and attached residential properties. See attached map.

Attached residential properties are Mary Ward Hall, Mary Park Hall, Centennial Village Apartments, Towers Junior Suites. Off campus residential properties are University Park North, University Park South, and Manzanita Square.

SafeWalks are walking and may be accompanied by a DCS member on foot or on a bicycle. Mobility transports are provided by on-campus open air carts which are not legally permitted on public roadways.

These services are not taxi services and are strictly used to provide a safe environment for you while you travel on campus to and from on-campus buildings, attached residential properties, off-campus residential properties and campus parking lots. DCS employees will not take you to the mall nor will they wait for you while you conduct errands. Our services are in high demand and misuse may lead to longer wait times for those in need.

These services are provided on a first come first served basis. The times are determined by the number of requests, distance traveled, and the number of staff providing such services. Community Service Specialists and Police Officers are used only if no Student Community Service Specialist are on duty. If you require a reasonable accommodation to have pre-scheduled rides, please contact DPRC to request a reasonable accommodation.

Any student, faculty, staff, or guest conducting university related business may request for the services. Proof of university related business may be requested. An SF State identification number will be required at the time of request. All non SF State related requests will be denied.

We strive to provide these services 24/7 and 365 days a year. However, unforeseen circumstances may delay or prohibit such services. Situations that may affect these services are but not limited to:

  • Emergency situations requiring higher priority response
  • Cart malfunction
  • The amount of request and the number of staff assigned to assist

Please call 415-338-7200 for assistance then press "0" to speak directly with a dispatcher. Advise the Dispatcher of the type of service you require. If you require mobility transportation assistance due to mobility issues, a cart service will be provided for on campus transport only.

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