Timely Warnings

Dear Student, Faculty & Staff,

Under the Jeanne Clery Act of 1998, any college or university participating in federal financial aid programs is required to send out timely warnings to inform the campus community of a crime or potential crime that constitutes a serious or continuing threat to students, staff and faculty at SF State. Timely warnings are distributed via email to maximize access to information that may assist individuals with taking affirmative actions to preserve their safety and welfare.

Members of the campus community who are concerned about their safety are encouraged to adopt risk-reduction measures, keeping in mind that these measures may not prevent violence; further, failure to follow these guidelines *does not* mean that violence against you is justified or warranted:

  • Be aware and mindful of your surroundings at all times; pay attention to people and activities around you.
  • Recognize that wearing earphones connected to electronic devices while walking can distract you and make you less able to sense potential danger or threats.
  • Choose busy, well-lit streets and avoid isolated areas, alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings and construction sites.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any situation, leave and get to a safe place right away. Keep in mind that college students are most likely to be victimized by an individual known to them!
  • Consider using an app to help maintain communications with friends, family, colleagues and others. The Circle of 6 app has been endorsed by The White House as one such tool to help promote safety.

The UPD encourages students, staff and faculty to utilize the SafeWalk program as part of a personal safety management plan.  Call (415) 338-7200 to arrange for a SafeWalk. SafeWalk team members are trained and supervised by the UPD. They are available from 4:30-11:30pm M-F. UPD personnel (CSOs and officers) are available when SafeWalk members are not on duty. 

Information about SF State’s commitment to a campus free of gender-based violence and our response when incidents of sexual assault/violence are reported can be found on the Title IX webpage.  Additional crime prevention and risk-reduction tips can be found on the UPD webpage.  Please contact the San Francisco State University Police Department at (415) 338-7200 or visit our website at http://upd.sfsu.edu/ for additional information.

Note: This message is being provided so that members of the SF State community can make informed decisions regarding their personal safety and/or assist in apprehending an at-large suspect.  As such, it may contain information of a graphic nature that could trigger emotional responses, in particular for victims/survivors of sexual assault/sexual violence.  If you are a student and need emotional support, please contact Counseling & Psychological Services by calling (415) 338-2208 or visiting Student Services Building 205.  Crisis support services can be reached by all SF State community members by calling the San Francisco Trauma Recovery/Rape Treatment Center at (415) 437-3000.



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